2011-2013 Officers

Left to Right: Ken Coppinger, Chairman; Lynda Moore, Secretary; Tommy Snyder, Lincoln Day Chairman; Tom Taylor, Treasurer; Donna Taylor, Vice Chairman; Bill Hilleary, Parliamentarian; Larry Bond, Vice Treasurer.

Chairman: Ken Coppinger
Vice Chairman: Donna Taylor
Secretary: Phyllis Gatto
Vice Secretary: Jim Campbell
Treasurer: Tom Taylor
Vice Treasurer: Larry Bond
Parliamentarian: Bill Hilleary

2009-2011 Officers

Chairman: Tommy Snyder, resigned. Elected  Marvin Keener
Vice Chairman: Phyllis Thum moved to Indiana, Elected  Donna Taylor

Secretary: Lynda Moore
Treasurer: Tom Taylor
Vice Treasurer: Gary Drinkard
Parliamentarian: Bill Hilleary

2008 Officers

Left to Right: Gary Drinkard, Tom Taylor, Phyllis Thum, Marilyn Engle, and Marvin Keener.

Chairman: Phyllis Thum,
Vice Chairman: Tom Taylor
Secretary: Marilyn Engle
Treasurer: Marvin Keener
Vice Treasurer: Gary Drinkard
Parliamentarian: Bill Hilleary

2007-2008 Officers

Left to Right: William Hilleary, Parliamentarian

Phyllis Thum, Vice Chairman
Elmer Hinds, Chairman
Gary Drinkard, Vice Treasurer
Marvin Keener, Treasurer
Marilyn Engle, Secretary (not pictured)

2006-2007 Officers

Left to Right:  Phyllis Thum, Vice Chairman

Elmer Hinds, Chairman
Jim Cobb, Treasurer
Gary Drinkard, Vice Treasurer,
Marilyn Engle, Secretary (not pictured)
William Hilleary, Parliamentarian (not pictured)

2005-2007 Officers

Chairman: Elmer Hinds, (resigned due to sickness 2007.  Elected Phyllis Thum )

Vice Chairman: Phyllis Thum (V.Chairman moved up to Chairman. Elected Tommy Snyder)
Secretary: Marilyn Engle
Treasurer: Gary Drinkard
Vice Treasurer: Tom Taylor
Parliamentarian: Bill Hilleary

2003-2004 Officers
(First Officers in new GOP Bldg)

Chairman: Elmer Hinds

Vice Chairman: Phyllis Thum
Secretary: Marjorie Simmons, resigned due to Illness, elected Homer “Bud” Gray resigned, elected Marvin Keener
Treasurer: Lucia Fary, resigned, elected Jim Cobb who resigned to be a State Rep Candidate. elected Tom Taylor
Vice Treasurer: Gary Drinkard (resigned July 13, 2005 to campaign for a friend.) elected Tom Taylor

Republican Women of Rhea County Officers

Left to Right: Angie Price, Linda Hinds, Phyllis Thum, Mary Drinkard, Carol Cowden, and Connie Jewell

President: Phyllis Thum
Vice President: Linda Hinds
2nd Vice President: Connie Jewell
Secretary: Mary Drinkard
Corresponding Secretary: Carol Cowden
Treasurer: Angie Price

Reorganization 2001-2002

Chairman Elmer Hinds

Vice Chairman: Linda Pendergrass
Secretary: Marvin Keener
Treasurer: Lucia Fary
Vice Treasurer: Gary Drinkard
State Representative: Jim Vincent
State Executive Committee Member: Bill Hilleary
State Executive Committee Member: Liz Holloway

Rhea County Republican Headquarters Committee

Left to Right: Tommy Snyder, Harlow Thum, Phyllis Thum, Jim Cobb, and Gary Drinkard.

OFFICERS of this Committee were:
Jim Cobb, Chairman, Gary Drinkard, Bill Hilleary, Jimmy Jewell,
Pug Martin, Diana Nevans, Tommy Snyder, Phyllis Thum, and Harlow Thum